Client: Debbie Charles

Debbie Charles saw some of the work we had done on a neighbouring house and was inspired. She had grand plans to make her home sparkle and shine, and her excitement and enthusiasm were contagious. She knew exactly what she wanted and trusted our professional opinions when we helped her put it all together. She checked her bulb colours not once, not twice, but three times to make sure it was perfect, and in the end, it most certainly was!.

Project Outline: Residential Lighting Plan

We paired our teal and twinkling pure white mini lights together and filled our natural wicker ornaments with them. We then hung the ornaments from trees on her property, with her guidance (it’s always fun to consult with our clients to make sure their décor looks exactly as they want, especially when they have excellent creative flair!). Her doorway was adorned with silver, gold and matching teal Christmas ornaments to compliment her lights.

Outcomes: Residential Lights Installation

Debbie’s house shone brightly and we wanted to show case her and her home.
The winter holidays are a hectic time for everyone, and it is our duty to help make the busiest time of year easier for our clients. During winter 2016, Vancouver saw the most snow it had in 7 years! This demanded diligent crews and strong work ethic from our teams, coupled with patience and understanding from our clients.

Installation Highlight: Happy and Helpful Client

While the snow caused a bit of a delay, Debbie was patient and understanding of the situation. She remained cheerful; was excited throughout the entire process and communicated repeatedly to us about how much she loved her lights! Debbie, you were a pleasure to work with.

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Satisfied light installation clients

Debbie Charles with FestiLight

“FestiLight did a beautiful light display down the street from us, and we decided to give them a call. Daniel and Alexis came to the house with awesome attitudes and lots of creativity! The whole experience was a pleasure – they had a complete selection of lighting options, were full of suggestions and basically, took care of everything – even their installers were cheerful and top notch (in spite of terrible weather). Our lights were just what we wanted, and the effect was very special… literally, traffic stopping! Thank you FestiLight and we look forward to next Christmas!”
– Debbie Charles, Residential Client