The classic Christmas look, coloured lights on roof

Colour Combinations: So Many Options!

When we work with a client, we make sure to acquire every detail about their vision for a space to ensure it comes to life in the most beautiful and sparkling way possible. Technicalities around placement, power sources, and design must be discussed. Once we have those things figured out, we move on to the colour of the display. While some clients know exactly what they want before we meet with them, most ask for our expertise regarding which colour or colour combinations might look best. These are our guidelines.

White globe lights on roof in Victoria
Warm white lights on a beautiful house in Victoria.

White is by far our most popular colour. We have 2 different temperatures of white: pure white, which is cool in temperature and offers a more modern look, and warm white, which is reminiscent of incandescent lights, has more of a candle light glow, and is used to achieve a more “classic” look.

Curtain lights in pure white on River Rock Casino Resort
Pure white curtain lights at River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond.

Although we use white lights the most, we very rarely use pure white and warm white together as the colour temperatures do not combine well. This most certainly applies to using both colours on the same string of lights, but we often use this guideline for entire properties in order to maintain consistency. We recommend going with either a warm tone or a cool tone in your lighting display, and sometimes the use of one or the other within a certain colour combination can totally change the way it looks.

The classic Christmas look, coloured lights on roof
The classic Christmas look of red, green, and warm white lights

For example, many of our clients like adorning their homes or businesses with red and green lights. To make this colour scheme a bit brighter and more modern looking, pure white bulbs can be added to the mix. To give the display a more classic look, warm white can be added.

3500 multi colour light bulbs in Chuck Perrin Tree
The Chuck Perrin Tree adorned with 3500 multi colour bulbs for the annual Ladysmith Festival of Lights.

Another common combination that can be altered by using either warm white or pure white is multi colour! For this, we most often use red, green, blue, and yellow, however orange and/or purple are sometimes added in depending on the client’s desired aesthetic. Just like with red and green, adding pure white bulbs gives a more modern look, and warm white gives a more classic look.

Super bright globe lights in tree
The perfect example of pure white and warm white bulbs being used side-by-side.

A few years ago, we introduced a collection of bulbs that beg to be displayed together. Teal, fuchsia, and purple go perfectly side-by-side, but can also be used with our other colours (blue and teal, fuchsia and red, purple and pure white). Silver Star Mountain Resort was the first client to ask for these colours, and, with the addition of pure white to tie it all together, the lights were a huge hit. We have used this combination in multiple other locations since.

These are just a few of our favourite options, but there are plenty more – we have 10 different bulb colours to choose from! We even bring a powered portfolio with every colour in it to consultations, allowing you to mix and match until you find the combination you love the most.

Coloured light makes life that much prettier and more fun, and we can’t wait to bring that pizzazz to your home or business this winter!