Example of tangled Christmas lights

Light Storage and Removal Tips

Did you know that we can store your lights at FestiLight for free?

When we install and remove lights that you have purchased from us, we are happy to keep them for you. Storing your lights with us guarantees a few different things:

  • Your lights will be stored properly, in a dry, temperature appropriate climate
  • You don’t have to worry about making space for them – one less thing to add to your busy schedule
  • You don’t have to worry about finding them before Christmas, as we will have already done it!
This is an example of how NOT to store your Christmas lights. How will you ever get them untangled?!
Example of tangled Christmas lights

If you have stumbled upon this blog because you are looking for light removal tips, hello! We are happy to share with you a few tactics that we use at FestiLight:

1. Make sure to remove your Christmas lights! They will last longer this way, and it will give both your house and your trees a break. Giving trees a rest especially important… trees need to grow, and string lights can get in the way of that. Growing trees are also remarkably strong, and lights left wrapped around a trunk can actually be swallowed by the bark, or can snap from tension.

2. Don’t rush! Trying to move too fast while in a tree or on a ladder can cause an accident.

If you are unsure about using a ladder or clambering around your roof (especially in wet or icy conditions), lifts can be rented for a reasonable price. They are also quite easy to use. Safety first!
Example of Christmas light removal

3. Once your lights are down, coil them into loops as you would an electrical cable. Use masking tape, electrical tape or twine to keep the lights together. This prevents them from coming unfurled and getting tangled. If you have something to spool them on to, even better! You can get spools from places such as Home Depot, or you can wrap them around a piece of cardboard.

4. If you have a large amount of Christmas lights, and you loved the way they looked in their specific locations this year, use electrical tape and a sharpie to label the spools. Take pictures of them on the house before they come down for extra reference.

5. Store your lights in stackable Tupperware bins, but make sure that you cut a hole in the side so as to let out any excess moisture. This will help your lights to last for years! An easy way to cut a hole is by using a circular saw drill bit.

Make sure that your light container has some air flow so that moisture doesn’t get trapped!
Tupperware Storage Bins for Lights

If you have any questions about removing and storing Christmas lights, do not hesitate to contact us!