5mm lights trunk and branch wrap at Burnbay General Hospital

Lights and Hearts for Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives across the board in one way or another, but it has affected frontline healthcare workers more than most. We felt it our duty to say thank you to healthcare workers of all kinds – care home workers, ICU doctors, hospital cleaners, to name a few – by bringing light to hospitals around BC. It has been our pleasure over the last week to decorate Burnaby General Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital, and Victoria General Hospital to show our gratitude the best way we know how: LIGHTS!! 

Tree lights at Burnaby General Hospital for solidarity with healthcare workers
5mm mini-lights among the flowers at Burnaby General Hospital

Decorating trees is one of our specialties, so it felt like the right way to both light the entrances to these facilities, as well as give the workers and patients alike something nice to look at! We chose trees that would handle trunk and branch wrap well, outlining them with thousands of tiny LEDs. CTV even stopped by to see what the fuss was about while we were installing!

Solidarity Heart for Healthcare Workers at Burnaby General Hospital
Soliday heart for healthcare workers outside Burnaby General Hospital

Solidarity Hearts

Along with the lights in the trees, we have added our handmade solidarity hearts as an homage to the #heartsforhealthcareworkers movement. If you’d like one for your own balcony, window, or garden, feel free to get in touch with us. They are 30 inches tall, made of cold-rolled steel, and are decorated with our C6 strawberry-shaped lights in a colour of your choice. They even have a stake built-in for easy application in soil or gravel! 

Every healthcare facility in the province is either already dealing with or bracing themselves for an influx of COVID-19 patients. If you know of a hospital that could use a little light, send us an email to service@festilight.ca to nominate them.

We are wishing you all well in this challenging time. In the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, “Be kind, be calm, and be safe”.