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Top Four Christmas Light Installations in Vancouver

Lougheed Town Centre

Lougheed is geographically at center of Metro Vancouver, with Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster at its borders. It is wonderfully accessible, as it is connected to the rest of Vancouver by both the Millennium Line and the new Evergreen Line. To say that this area is bustling is an understatement!

We have worked with Lougheed Town Centre for several years now, and have watched as the City has developed this beautiful, central and excellently planned area for both retailers and residents.

In previous years, we have hung long lengths of our 5mm Mini Lights in the form of twinkling ice sheets at the highest parts of the mall. We have also wrapped tall columns with these same lights and hung banners and ornaments. Outside, we have wrapped the trunks and branches of some of our favorite trees to date. These trees are decorated all year round.

Our 5mm Mini Lights are diverse in the sense that they can be used in so many different ways. This year, we added the Tunnel Walk from the Mall to the Skytain Station to our list of features at Lougheed Town Centre. The entire walkway was lit by pure white Mini Lights hung along the underside of the roof, which brightened the chilly journey for any pedestrian, and added some twinkle and shine for the Christmas season. It is definitely our new favorite feature of this project.

BC Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre was decorated in a similar fashion to Lougheed, with twinkling warm white Mini Lights strung under the awning of the front entrance. In addition to this, we decorated the trunks and canopies of the gorgeous Japanese Maples that line the front walkway with warm white, teal and purple Mini Lights.

The BC Cancer Agency is breaking new ground in genomics, immunology and nuclear medicine every day. We are so honoured to have been the ones to help bring light to their entrance-way at the Vancouver Centre this Christmas season .

Christmas Light Installation - Warm White Mini-Lights On Underside of Awning

District Main

District Main boasts style and exuberance and dare we say a little funk? The whole area embraces the culture of Main Street with its quirky boutiques, live music venues, and an endless array of cafes and restaurants.

Building columns were wrapped from top to bottom with Mini Lights and the trees on the block were “trunk wrapped” with pure white and “canopy wrapped” with purple. To top it all off, teal ornaments were hung from the branches. Although we only had our hands on one block of the neighbourhood, we can proudly say it was the brightest one.

Main Street - Pure White Tree Wrap with Blue Ornaments

The Kingsway Pedestrian Overpass

While there are many pedestrian overpasses in the Kingsway area, we poured our heart and soul into this one. Our clients had a vision of what they wanted, so we sourced the material, installed it all, and made their vision a sparkling reality. The twinkling pole mounts that run all the way down Kingsway are included in this. If we don’t have the right products on hand to make your vision a reality, we will happily source them for you. We have a great network of suppliers, and chances are we will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We were also responsible for adorning several large trees on this property with pure white “super bright globe lights”, which are also known as G30s. These are our most popular bulbs, as they are spherical with a “magnifying glass” cap (although they are made of plastic), and therefore emit a much more multidirectional light than anything you can find at the store. The bulbs are individually replaceable, so if one should ever go out, it’s as easy as unscrewing the broken one and screwing a new one back in. This is cost effective in more ways than one: maintenance will be a breeze and it’s way cheaper to replace one bulb instead of 25 ft of lights! #winning

Commercial Super-Bright Globe Lights in Blue - Tree Canopy Wrap
The Kingsway Pedestrian Overpass located by the Telus Building. Credit goes to one of our very own, Kevin Roberts. Not only is he one of our crew members who helped light up the lower mainland in 2017, he is also a talented and professional photographer and has provided all of the photos for this Blog. See his work at

Every season we have happy returning clients, as well as many new ones. Whether you are looking to bring a vision to reality with efficient and quality LED products, or you would simply like a professional opinion on what would look dazzling on your property – we’ve got you! Our clients are precious to us and we will continuously strive to make sure you have the best service possible. Thank you for another busy and wonderful Christmas season, Vancouver! We love you!

Fun Fact: We are in operation year round! If you are looking for wedding, graduation or other event lighting, we have lights available for purchase or rent any time of year with installation and removal if you choose. Click for more information about our rental options.