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How we custom-size our light stings

FestiLight custom cuts your holiday lights to fit your rooflines, windows, door frames, or anything else for that matter, perfectly.

Some of the perks with going with custom-size lights are:

  • Bulbs are replaceable. If one goes out, the rest will still work, and you can easily put a new bulb in.
  • No excess string! You’ll have a cleaner, neater, more professional look.
  • You can choose whichever colour pattern you like. Mix and match bulbs to create any feel you desire.

The same steps are applied as in the extension cord tutorial. However, you can’t cut thin, store-bought types of strands. The string needs to be SPT2 wire in order to cut and add plug ends. There are various sized SPT2 wire sockets for different sized bulbs. Most common is the C9 sized bulb that you typically see on rooflines. We recommend not having more than 250 feet of lights on a single strand. Any more can overload the plug ends. Chances are if you are cutting to those lengths then there’s more than one outlet you can plug into.

Want to try it out yourself? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to supply you with base-wire and the bulbs.

Rather not? No problem! You can get a free consultation from us instead and we’ll cut and hang the lights for you.