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What do you do with old lights?

Have you wondered what you should do with your old Christmas lights? Do they end up taking a permanent spot in the garage or attic? Or do they wind up in the garbage?

Hopefully it’s neither… Recycle them!

Christmas/holiday lights are primarily made of copper wire that can be recycled and reused. According to, copper is the world’s most reusable resource. You can make some quick cash by taking your lights to a metal recycle depot. If you’re in the Metro Vancouver area, we’ve had good experiences with ACA Metal Recycling. Or, if we’re installing lights on your property, we’ll be happy to take them with us.

This past year, FestiLight recycled nearly 650 pounds of copper from your old lights! That’s 650 pounds less mining, energy, and pollution. Not only that, we’ll take 100% of the profit from recycled lights and donate it to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice who use the money to purchase new lights for the extraordinary light display.