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Fan Tan Alley Character

Fan-Tan Alley lights

Fan Tan Alley is known as Canada’s narrowest street, and is also an integral part of Canada’s oldest Chinatown. In the Fall, the City of Victoria completed a conservation project in the alley, helping to preserve the brick and mortar of its delicate walls. There was a beautification aspect to this project as well, and that’s where we came in! To follow the progress of the project, we began at the north end of the alley, and recently completed the entire thing. It is now lit with red overhead lighting in the spirit of Chinatown, which gives it an incredibly eclectic feeling to match Fan Tan‘s stores (including a vintage record shop, spiritual shop, and the never-ending store… which you will have to see for yourself!). Here is a photo of it taken by Doug Clement Photography, which uses 26 photos stitched together to create the wide angle effect.