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Our Top 3 Lighting Installations for 2016 – Vancouver

Burnaby Village Museum ‘s Heritage Christmas

Burnaby Museum light installation

Leanne Scherp

Once a year, Burnaby Village Museum puts on “Heritage Christmas” — a classic Christmas display, complete with a tiny village adorned with Christmas lights, a carousel ride, giant Christmas trees and an ever-changing scavenger hunt. Families come again and again, always knowing that each holiday season will be a fresh experience.

This year, the nearly famous eco-sculptures were incorporated as the Nine Ladies Dancing in the 12 Days of Christmas display. This was one of our favorite displays to take part in. The Ladies were twirling under a tree in the orchard, wearing dresses and carrying umbrellas to shelter themselves from the falling, sparkling shower of curtain lights raining throughout the scene.

We also decorated the giant Sequoia Christmas Tree again this year, but this time, with an added feature! We came together with a few other creative minds and fashioned a sparkling star for the top! It stayed strong up there through it all ‘s rain, shine, and this year, snow!

We are always excited to innovate, create and be a part of this event every year.

Burnaby Village Museum Lights

Leanne Scherp#2

Vernon, British Columbia

It may be news to some of you that each year, early in the season, we send a team up to Vernon for Christmas light installations. Our most well-known client is Silver Star Mountain Resort, but we also take a few days to spend with the locals and decorate their homes for the Holidays.

When we say, our commercial lighting can withstand the harshest of Canadian winters- we mean it!

Vernon Light Installations

This year one of our clients captured an amazing shot of their home in Vernon and sent it our way. Something special that we normally miss out on in the lower mainland is snow (with this year being the exception of course)! The photos we receive from our residential clients in Vernon and Silver Star Mountain Resort always display a stunning winter wonderland scene. The LED’s really pop, with this one being no exception.


Canada Place and Fly Over Canada

Light Installations

If you haven’t been to one of Fly over Canada‘s Shows, it is a MUST see. As the year progresses, so does their entertainment offerings. Their most recent were “The Flight of the Dragon”, to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was incredible!

Every Christmas season, they take passengers on a ride to the North Pole. Guests hang suspended, feet dangling, before a 20-metre spherical screen while the film takes them on a flight across Canada and onwards to Santa’s workshop. This is not just any film! The entertainment also tantalizes your other senses- like the wind through your hair and the smell of Gingerbread!

Every year, we have the pleasure of lighting up Canada Place for the event. We decorate every lamp post on the west side, and the exterior lighting doesn’t stop there! Near the entrance are a few tents adorned with mini lights and garland, and inside you can find SMORES, making each season such a sticky treat! If you missed the event last year, it starts up again in late November and goes until January.

Canada Place Lighting