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Edison Style Patio Lights: The Perfect Summer Outdoor Lighting Tool

As we settle into the warmth of the summer months, we spend most of our time outdoors. Whether it is spent attending backyard BBQ’s, telling stories around the campfire with friends, or simply having a drink on the deck, our outdoor spaces are used much more often at this time of year. But what about those warm nights when you want to stay outside after dark, but you don’t have enough light? We have a solution for you.

Without question, you can do whatever you desire with our lights as the majority of our bulbs are individually replaceable and the wiring can be cut to custom lengths. All of our lights are meant to provide practical and ambient lighting for your every need. When it comes to outdoor summer lighting, however, there is one style that has become incredibly popular ‘s Edison style patio lights.

Most Edison style bulbs on the market are incandescent, and can significantly affect your hydro bill if left on for extended periods of time. At FestiLight, we pride ourselves in carrying all LED products. Our Edison style bulbs still have the vintage look and the romantic glow of incandescent bulbs, but they stay cool to the touch and are 92% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts. One style that we carry even has LED “filaments” inside to give that classic look.

These LED Filament Bulbs looks just like incandescent lights, but they use a fraction of the power. They are also made of acrylic, so they don’t break easily!

Most Edison style patio lights on the market are made of glass, making them incredibly fragile and difficult to deal with. To make this more frustrating, most are hardwired too, meaning that you cannot replace a broken bulb. Ours conquer both issues ‘s first, we offer either plastic or acrylic bulbs, making them practically unbreakable. Second, our lights have a large E26 base, and are individually replaceable. This is highly economical and more environmentally friendly in the long run, because you can easily just switch out the bulb instead of replacing the whole strand (less waste! Yay!).

If you are looking for something a bit more modern looking, but you are still wanting ambient lighting in your outdoor space, our G30 “super bright globe lights” are our most popular product and look fantastic strung over an outdoor area. The bulbs are a bit smaller than the Edison bulbs, and the wiring is thinner, making them a great option in smaller spaces that require less light, or larger spaces that are in need of more decorative lighting and less practical lighting.

We sell and rent patio lights of different kinds, for both permanent and temporary applications.

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