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Halloween: Purple and Orange are the Way to Go

Posted by | October 26, 2018 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Our current weather might be convincing you otherwise, but believe it or not, Halloween IS on its way. Decorations are popping up everywhere, and costume prep for the die-hards is well underway. Halloween is often thought to be a very dark festivity, but having some light is important! The little ones have to be able to see where you’re going when trick-or-treating, after all…

You might be asking, what on earth can you do with Christmas lights for Halloween? Well, we have a few options.

Orange and Purple

First, orange is most certainly a Halloween colour, but purple is too. Orange and purple lights might not go together well for Christmas, but they are PERFECT for Halloween. Are you someone who adores decorating your house for Halloween? You can go beyond the jack-o-lantern alone by applying orange lights to your roofline, or even to your trees. To add some “dark” light, our purple lights can add some spooky vibes as well.

We would recommend using G30 “super bright globe lights” for your roofline, and 5mm “mini lights” for your trees.

Twinkly Pure White 5mm Lights

Often in haunted houses, flashing light is used to raise the spook level to 11. Our pure white 5mm twinkly lights would be perfect to place out of sight, perhaps behind something, to illuminate a wall or image with flashing lights. Imagine seeing a spooky portrait of someone that has flashing light illuminating it.


Or, make a “ghost” out of a white sheet as a decoration and fill it with these same lights! A twinkly ghost might sound friendly, but surrounded by other Halloween decor, it would be spooky for sure.

Flood Lights

Decorated house for Halloween bathed in orange flood light. Credit: Top Bulb

We also carry floodlights that have strobing capabilities, which could be used in multiple ways. Seeing a zombie or a mummy character moving in a pure white strobe is incredibly creepy, so they could be used in a haunted house that has characters in it. Another way to use them would be to shine one at your decorated house to add to the “haunt” factor.

Our flood lights are DMX and have multiple colours programmed into them, so you could also use the purple and/or orange options to cast light at trees or buildings. Trees bathed in purple when in the right context (i.e. leading up to Halloween) can be very spooky!

These are just a few ideas for how to use Christmas lights to make your Halloween decorations even more Halloweeny, but please get in touch with us if you have any others! We’d love to hear from you and add yours to the list.