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2018 Victoria Holiday Season – Changing/Growing Your Installation

It might be spring, but we thought it would be nice to reminisce about our busy 2018 holiday season! FestiLight Victoria had a great year, including the growth of our rental department, multiple large commercial contracts, and many wonderful new clients. We also changed a few of our repeated installations, which is what we are going to focus on today.

There are two main ways you can change or develop your installation year after year. The first is by expanding an existing project, by adding more lights to it. By building a multi-year installation plan you are able to invest money in your Christmas lights over time, as opposed to making one large investment in the first year. The second is to change the colour of your retrofit bulbs (G30, G20, C9, C7 – used on rooflines and in big trees). We even have some clients who switch back and forth between white and colour, year after year!

Here are a few projects which we adapted or expanded upon in 2018:

Garry Oak

The first installation we would like to focus on is a gorgeous Garry oak tree in south Oak Bay. We have decorated this tree for two years now, and it is the only part of the property that gets decorated with Christmas lights. Centred in the roundabout island of the driveway with a gorgeous Tudor style mansion behind it, the whole scene is a sight of wonder. Garry oak trees are notorious for their beautifully twisted branches, making the outline of the tree very unique and interesting to look at. We did not hesitate when choosing to decorate the tree by wrapping the trunk and branches with 5mm lights, as opposed to stringing the lights through the canopy. The shape of the tree is so beautiful, and the lights accentuate it perfectly.

Garry Oak, Oak Bay BC, Christmas Tree Lighting

Garry Oak, Oak Bay BC, Christmas Tree Lighting

Coaxial Power Splitter for Lighted Strings. This is the perfect tool for successfully trunk and branch wrapping a tree.

In 2017, we decorated the tree with 40 strings of LED lights. For a tree of this size, 40 strings is a moderate amount. In 2018, we added another 24 strings to the tree to make it appear more full. This allowed us to decorate more branches, subsequently outlining more of the tree. We are able to split the lines of lights into various branches by using our coaxial power splitters.

This tree is a perfect example of how we can expand on a project year after year. Even though the tree appears full now, we will likely add more lights next year to increase the number of decorated branches.

With our 5mm lights, you can connect up to 80 white strings to one outlet, or 160 coloured strings.

Shelbourne Plaza

When working with large property management firms, the person responsible for overseeing a Christmas light installation can sometimes change year after year. This was the case with Shelbourne Plaza. They had purchased lights from us in 2016 but had their own maintenance team install them. The plaza was decorated in warm white G30 “super bright globe lights”, to brighten up the roofline for the holidays. In 2018, with a new person in charge of overseeing Christmas, they decided to expand their installation, change the colour of the bulbs, and have us install the lights for them. They wanted to introduce some festive colour, so we switched out 2/3rds of the bulbs for red and green, making the sequence red green white etc. (this is the beauty of our retrofit bulbs!). We also added some lights on the lampposts around the parking lot, and will continue to add lights around the property next year, starting with the trees.

Red, green, and white G30 “super bright globe lights” on TD Bank at Shelbourne Plaza

Chuck Perrin Tree

We first decorated the Chuck Perrin tree in Ladysmith in 2015, stringing 3500 G30 “super bright globe lights” in 8 colours through the branches of this gorgeous 100ft Sequoia tree. With the tree having grown since then, the Ladysmith Festival of Lights committee asked us to add to the tree, as there were sections of it that needed more lights. We added 500 ft of lights and dispersed them around the tree to fill in the obvious gaps. Snowfall lights were also placed around the tree for added effect.

Sequoia Tree - Christmas Lighting - Ladysmith BC

Chuck Perrin Tree, Ladysmith BC, 1000 ft Sequoia Tree

These are just three examples of projects that we have expanded over the years in Victoria. Others include the Empress Hotel, the Victoria Golf Course, and Harbour Air Seaplane Terminal. No project is too big or too small for added lights!