Our talented team of artists, designers, and engineers will collaborate with you to create beautiful, memorable, and immersive Christmas experiences using custom fabricated, aluminum pieces that become a focal point of any display.

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Learn the Magic Custom Light Displays Bring

How We Bring Your Vision to Life

STEP 1: Inspire

We can build (almost) anything at our aluminum fabrication facility. Simply show us a photo of an inspirational shape or figure, or just describe what you want for your custom light display and we’ll begin the design phase. From simple ornaments to elaborate animals or characters, we’ll find a way to turn your idea into an awe-inspiring centre-piece for any event or Christmas light display. It’s going to be the talk of the town!

STEP 2: Design

Our skilled designers will take your custom light display idea and turn it into a 3D design. We’ll then work together to determine the best colors, light options (twinkle, non-twinkle), and decide on embellishments, like beads for extra bling. At this point, a 50% deposit will be required (due no later than May 1) with a final payment to be made just prior to shipping.



STEP 3: Engineer

Our engineers will wireframe design the 3D drawing, which determines exactly how the lights will sit in order to best achieve the desired result. We will also determine how to structurally build it so that it is strong, yet portable, and can be safely transported and efficiently stored between seasons.

STEP 4: Build

This is where the magic happens. Our fabrication facility will construct the design, apply commercial grade low-voltage lights, add any desired embellishments, test it, and prepare it for shipping directly to your door. Detailed instructions will be included so that you can easily assemble it each year.

Custom Light Display Gallery

What Does a Custom Light Display Cost?

Our light displays are made to order, so costs vary depending on the complexity and size of your design.

3D Figures

3D figures, between 10-20 feet, cost between $10,000-$20,000 USD (approx. $1000 per ft).

Lighted Pole Mounts

Lighted pole mounts range from $500 – $1000 USD per unit for most designs (including brackets).

Event Lighting Installation - Wedding Lights

Marquee Letters

Marquee letters range from $100 – $1000 USD per character depending on shape and size.

Please note: For all orders, ground shipping from our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada is extra. In most cases, quotes can be provided within a few days of determining the final design.A 50% deposit is required upon order confirmation (latest May 1st) with the final payment due prior to delivery, which is expected in September or early October.

We process orders on a first come-first serve basis, so order early to avoid disappointment!