Unique & Attractive LED Lights

Residential Christmas Lighting Installation - Warm White Super-bright Globe Lights on Roofline

Super-Bright Rooflines

Unlike other LEDs, our roofline lights use SMD technology. They have a unique optical cone inside which makes them look 5x brighter and gives them that classic glow.

Residential Christmas Lights - Pure White Lighted Ornaments

Lighted Ornaments

Captivate passersby with a unique display of lighted ornaments in various shapes, sizes, and colours. A creative and cost-effective way of decorating large trees.

FestiLight - Commercial Installation Project - Warm White Tree Wrap - Mini Lights

Mini Lights

Magical mini-lights shine an incandescent-like glow that will make any tree dazzle. Every LED colour imaginable is available including twinkling options for some extra bling.

Other Novelty Lights & Christmas Lights

Instagramable Lighted Ornament Warm White - FestiLight Project

Custom Lighted Motifs

Our lighted structures provide the perfect “Instagrammable” moment, draw crowds, and become a focal point for any display. Any shape or size imaginable can be created, from simple ornaments to giant reindeer.

Our Lights - Deluxe Lighted Garland - Warm White - FestiLights

Deluxe Lighted Garland

Our ‘Deluxe Lighted Garland’ is a perfect  way to add a little festive cheer and works well for both your indoor or outdoor decor needs. With its warm light, it is sure to add ambiance to any holiday display.

FestiLight - Snow Fall Lights - Pure White and Blue - Dynamic Christmas Lighting

Snowfall Lights

Make every night a snowy night by adding something dynamic, yet elegant. We guarantee you’ll be mesmerized. Our snowfall lights are specially designed to work without bulky and expensive adapters.

Why LED Lights

LEDs (or Light Emitting Diodes) have been around for almost fifty years and were a true technological breakthrough in the lighting industry, especially for consumers of Christmas lights. In recent years, manufacturing techniques have been developed to make this technology more applicable and affordable to consumers’ everyday lighting needs.


Some benefits of LED lights are:

– They use approximately 90% less electricity than a similar incandescent light product but produce the same amount of light.

– LED light will remain cool whereas the incandescent light gets very hot. This heat is where the majority of the incandescent light’s energy is spent.

– An average LED can last for over 50,000 hours. This increased lifespan means fewer lighting products will be placed in our landfills.

When comparing ease of installation between LED and incandescent lights, LED wins hands down. LEDs require no filaments to operate, so there is no glass or filament to break. This makes the product more durable and will hold up much better during installation and removal. Therefore, displays are installed much faster and can be immensely more creative without being limited by power constraints.

Finally, the days of broken glass, blown fuses, and burnt out bulbs are over!

The Festilight Professional Lighting Difference

Products To Withstand The Cold

We’ve taken steps to redesign products so they’ll last for years. These are not your average big-box-store lights. For example, our string light sets use special coaxial plugs with rubber seals that keep water out and prevent corrosion; they also won’t pull apart in trees. In addition, our products use one-piece moulded construction that ensures they won’t fill with water, keeping them dry as a bone.

Lights That Fit Just Right

All our roofline products and extension cords are custom cut to fit your home perfectly. No more hiding excess bulbs or wire, or stretching strings that are too short! We’ll ensure your home or business has that clean and professional look you’ve always wanted.

Wire and Clips That Match

To ensure your display is discreet during the day and attractive at night, we use wire colours and clips that closely match your building’s exterior so that it’s only the lights that get noticed – not the unsightly wire. Our clips attach to almost all building surfaces, keeping bulbs perfectly straight, surfaces free from damage, and make installations and removals a breeze.

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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

The FestiLight Guarantee

FestiLight’s experience and attention to detail takes the hassle out of any Christmas lighting installation. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and ensure that all of our clients are satisfied and we don’t stop until they are!

Christmas Light Installation Experts - Festlight

The FestiLight Warranty

All commercial grade LED light strings come with 2-season warranty. If the product fails due to a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, we will replace the lights in a timely manner.