Client: Burnaby’s Station Square

We have had the pleasure of decorating several properties in the Metrotown area of Burnaby over the past few years, the most notable being Station Square. This new development announced their opening in 2015 just before the busy Christmas shopping season.

Project Outline: Burnaby’s Station Square Plan

We were tasked with decorating the outside of the new Station Square shopping area, including parking lot and walkways. Utmost attention had to be given to not damage the new roofline flashing and glass awnings of the development.

Outcomes: Burnaby’s Station Square Lights Installation

We used a combination of non-invasive plastic clips and magnetic clips that quickly and easily attach to the surface. These clips also keep the bulbs straight and provide a clean and professional look. With numerous small awnings of various sizes, we cut the lengths of socket wire so the strings fit the awnings perfectly.

After demonstrating several colours, our client chose pure-white as the primary colour (as opposed to warm-white). Pure-white is a great option in a commercial setting as it provides a wintery and lively feel. There is no “blue-ish” shade in our “pure-white”, so it is very pleasant to look at.

Additionally, to compliment the Station Square brand, FestiLight added red accent colours, which also contributed to the Christmassy look.

Installation Highlight: Plans For The Future

Station Square’s budget was limited in the first year due to the new construction, so we created a 2-year plan to grow the display each season. The first year saw rooflines, awnings, and some trees tastefully decorated.  In the second year, we decorated additional trees, added more lights to existing trees (the trees grew very quickly!) and installed stunning snowfall lights overhead the parking lot.

This captivating look not only impressed shoppers, but residents in neighbouring apartment buildings loved them too!

Station Square is a perfect example of how decorating with Christmas lights is flexible in both design and budget. We can make decorating small and large properties an affordable and effective way to display the holiday spirit.

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Satisfied light installation clients

Burnaby’s Station Square with FestiLight

“The holiday lights installed by FestiLight have brought a lot of positive attention for Station Square. We have neighbouring condo residents that are contacting us thanking us for the beautiful holiday display to look at out their windows, as well as pedestrians just passing through contacting us with positive comments. The retail tenants at station square have all been appreciative of the holiday lights as it sets them apart for neighbouring stores or shopping centres in the area. Dealing with FestiLight has been a very positive experience as they are very knowledgeable in their field and flexible with what can be done each season. When things come up they always deal with it in a cool respectful manner. We have nothing but positive things to say about the two years we have been working with FestiLight at Station Square.”
– Property Manager, Anthem Properties