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Christmas Lights – You Do Have Another Option!

The majority of Christmas light installation companies in Canada purchase lights from stores such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or Rona. Little do people know that many Christmas lights that are bought at these kinds of establishments are all made by the same factories, but are sold under different brand names. According to an article published by the CBC in 2015, several installation companies are starting to become frustrated with the quality of NOMA lights in particular, which are sold at Canadian Tire. Those who have used this brand for a long time are beginning to see a decline in the durability, due to the use of lower quality plastic and wiring.

Most of Canada experiences sub-zero temperatures for much of the Christmas season, and these lower quality lights are not handling the cold as well as they should. 

Christmas globe light installation
Super bright globe light installation

FestiLight Use Quality Commercial Grade Lights for All Projects

We learned a long time ago that we needed to go beyond purchasing lights through retailers here on Canadian soil. Over the years, FestiLight has developed close working relationships with several manufacturers who supply us the lights directly. As a result, we are able to carry commercial grade lights that you cannot find in any store in Canada, but that are built to withstand Canadian winters.

For example, our light sockets have drainage systems in them, and our plugs that connect 5mm, or “mini light” strings together are watertight. These small features play a large role in the efficiency and long-lasting nature of our products, along with high-quality plastic and wiring. We also offer multiple different colours of wire and a new style of round bulb that acts like a magnifying glass, the G30. FestiLight has the ability to custom fit lights to any roofline and over the years we have worked on some pretty wild rooflines! 

Quality Lights at Competitive Rates

At the outset, our customers often think that because of this, our lights are going to be much more expensive than those purchased at hardware stores. They are often surprised (and happy!) to find out that our products are sold at competitive rates, which are made even more appealing when taking into consideration that our lights last significantly longer than anything you can find at the store. Furthermore, all our lights come with our friendly experts backing the product with helpful advice and knowledge of what works best where. And of course, should you wish it, our skilled team is available to do your installation.