Pure White Mini-lights and Super Bright Globe Lights Under Awning

Some of Our Favourite Vancouver Installations

This past season, we took photographs of some of our favourite installations, in order to share with you a selection of our work. We have included a range of products including our 5mm “mini lights” and our G30 “super bright globe lights” in new and unique design applications to spark your imagination.

Christmas Light Installation - Warm White Mini-Lights On Underside of Awning

We worked on a few projects last Christmas season that gave us the opportunity to decorate some awnings. At the Lougheed Passenger Walkway, we lit the entire underside of the awning with pure white 5mm “mini lights”. At the BC Cancer Agency, we installed the same style of awning lighting, but with warm white lights instead. Both looked magical, and brought these spaces to life.

If you’re curious about how bright our lights are, a good reference is their use on the trunks and branches of trees. When we decorate trees in this style, the distance between strings is usually between four and six inches apart. Each year, we have a number of new clients who insist on having the lights closer together than that. Upon discovering that our lights are significantly brighter than anything they have used before, they will often amend their request for the following seasons. Here is a close up  photo of a tree with lights on the trunk and branches that we decorated at Burnaby City Hall. You can see that the strands have a spacing of about six inches apart. Most of our 5mm “mini light” strings have one bulb every six inches, so six inch spacing on a tree makes the lights look perfectly spaced. Here is another photo of the same tree taken from further away in order to show the full impact they make.

Super Bright Globe Light G30 Blue
For larger trees, we often use larger lights such as our G30 “super bright globe lights”.

We added a photo of one of the trees that we decorate every year on Kingsway. On this particular tree, we use “super bright globe lights” in a canopy wrap style, in alternating pure white and blue bulbs. Our “super bright globe lights” are individually replaceable and are therefore customizable in terms of colour and pattern. This gives our clients lots of style flexibility.

Check out our newly updated  if you are looking for ideas and inspiration. If you see something you like, feel free to reference the numbers associated with the photos when you send an inquiry our way.