Dragon Mansion Warm White Tree Wrap

Top Four Christmas Light Installations in Victoria

2017 was a great year in Victoria. We expanded our customer base significantly, and lit more of Victoria than we could have imagined! Here are a few of our favourite projects from this past Christmas:

Victoria Golf Club

The Victoria Golf Club is located right along the coast of Southern Vancouver Island, with greens reaching almost all the way to the water in some places. Founded in 1893, this famous golf club is the oldest in Canada and the second oldest in North America. It is also supposedly one of the most haunted places in Victoria!

We began working with the club late last summer, and designed an installation that would be both classy and modern looking. We decided to go with warm white G30 “super bright globe lights” for the roofline to give that incandescent look while still using our super efficient LEDs. High up in the trees between the parking lot and the clubhouse, we hung different sized natural wicker ornaments covered in warm white 5mm mini lights. The porte-cochère (covered entrance for cars to drive through) was bedazzled with twinkly warm white mini lights, creating the perfect atmosphere for those arriving for a Christmas party.

Victoria Golf Club Warm White Super Bright Globe Light on Roof Line

Across one of the greens, we lit several trees including a gorgeous Arbutus with our remote-controlled colour changing floodlights. At night, guests could look out of the lobby windows at a little island of colourful trees in the midst of the dark golf course.

All in all, it was an honour to decorate the Victoria Golf Club this past winter, and we look forward to adding more to the installation over the next few years.

Eagle Creek Village

Eagle Creek Village is a brand new development next to Victoria General Hospital that is home to multiple businesses, offices, a grocery store, YMCA with daycare, and housing. It has completely transformed that corner of Victoria, and it was a pleasure to decorate it for Christmas this year.

The amount of roofline to cover is vast, so we picked the rooflines thought to be the most important, and lit them with red, green, and pure white C7 strawberry shaped bulbs. Because the roofs are flat, there is a metal flashing that connects the walls and the roofs, meaning that we were able to use our super strong magnetic clips to hang the lights. These clips making both installation and removal incredibly easy, and are the closest thing to Martha May Who’s Christmas Light Gun in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

We look forward to adding more lights to Eagle Creek Village over the years as the development expands.

Eagle Creek Village - New Development

The Union Club

Built in 1910 just two years after the Empress Hotel, the Union Club of BC holds a vast amount of history, and it was an honour to decorate its home base this winter. With massive arched windows that wrap all the way around the building, it was a no brainer when deciding what to decorate!

We used our warm white G30 “super bright globe lights” to line the windows, which created the most beautiful glow due to the burgundy window frames.

As the Union Club is right across the street from the Fairmont Empress (in its 4th year of being decorated by FestiLight), our installation felt like a perfect addition to the already glimmering Inner Harbour.

Union Club Warm White Window Frame Lighting

Trees, Trees and More Trees!

Decorating Evergreens and making them look like classic Christmas trees is always fun, but this year we had several opportunities to wrap both the trunk and the branches of Garry Oak trees with warm white 5mm mini lights. These trees only grow on Southern Vancouver Island, so it’s pretty cool to know that nowhere else in the world can you decorate trees like this!

We had two favourites this year – one was in the middle of a roundabout driveway at a beautiful Tudor style home in South Oak Bay, and the other was in the middle of a field in Metchosin. The field ran all the way down to the water, so the view from the lift was extraordinary! The Metchosin Garry Oak was decorated with rented lights, for a weekend film shoot for “Once Upon a Prince”. If you see it when it comes out, keep your eyes out for that tree!

Dragon Mansion Warm White Tree Wrap