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Curtain Lighting and Ice Sheets – the Perfect Option for Open Wall Space

While curtain lighting and ice sheets have become increasingly popular in our busy winter season, we are also getting a lot of requests for these styles at weddings and other special events now that spring is here. So much so, that we thought we’d write about it! This particular style of lighting caters best to open spaces, large or small — they are totally customizable and result in a high impact lighting feature no matter what.

Both curtain lighting and ice sheets use the exact same products — our famous 5mm “mini lights”! These bright and watertight strands steal the show in all scenarios. 

We start with a “T-line”, which is also known as a power chain. A power chain is 7ft long and has coaxial connections at each end, to give you ample flexibility in your design. Each 7 ft chain has 20 connection points (or T’s) to attach and hang a 5mm “mini light” strand from. We carry these 5mm strands in both 7 ft and 25 ft lengths. Both options have coaxial connectors at each end,  which allows us to design curtain lights or an ice sheet for almost any amount of open space! Whether we are building a backdrop for a head table at a wedding or placing an ice sheet along the side of a large commercial building, there is a lot of customization that can happen here.

Curtain lights are hung in parallel formation from top to bottom, and in most cases, are secured at the bottom so they don’t move around and tangle. If you have ever tossed your Christmas lights in a bin at the end of the previous holiday, and have had to spend the first few hours of decorating unravelling last years mess, you probably know what we are talking about!

Ice sheets are hung the same way, but the strands are gathered in varying denominations and are secured together at the bottom-forming the point of a triangle.

curtain lights

Edmonds Community Centre in Burnaby

Edmonds Community Centre is an example of a large space being draped with a pure white ice sheet. You can see how the strands of lights have been bunched at the bottom to form an ice sheet.

curtain lights

“Nine Ladies Dancing” at Burnaby Village Museum with warm white curtain lights hung in mid-air.

Another beautiful application is to hang them in mid-air as opposed to against a wall or window. Burnaby Village Museum is a great example of this, where the “9 ladies [are] dancing” under a rainfall of twinkling warm white curtain lights. They run in parallel and are secured to the ground in order to avoid the tangling of strands in the wind.

curtain lights john fluevog

Warm White Curtain Lights at John Fluevog in Gastown

A great example of curtain lighting is the iconic John Fluevog flagship store in Gastown, where we bring a lift inside and adorn their entire storefront with warm white curtain lights. We have done the same at other stores as well, including Bolen Books in Victoria. This is a fantastic way to draw attention to your storefront, as passersby can’t miss it!

curtain lights

The Tommy Douglas Library in Burnaby is also a great example of how open space can be utilized to create a stunning ice sheet display.

We hope this sparks your imagination when it comes to decorating large open spaces. Sometimes, a simple line of roofline lights doesn’t make quite enough impact for the vision you had. Curtain lighting and ice sheets can most certainly raise the WOW factor!

Feel free to inquire if you have questions about curtain lighting and/or ice sheets, or if you would like curtain lights for your event, home, or business. We have many colours and different length options for your vision, but our stock varies during certain times of the year, so please be in touch early. You can reach us at [email protected] or 1-855-733-7845.